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Work sucks at times

It's so slow today and all I want to do is go home and get my snuggies and fall asleep lol. It's very cloudy and windy out .. I wish I was raining.

I got this toothache for some reason... It's killing me! I need to find a dentist and put my insurance to use. Fricking paid for it all last year and didn't even use it. But it's always safer to have it just in case. Anywho, I need to find a nice, patient dentist lol. Someone that understand that I'm terrified of them and pain lol. Maybe I'll look later for one online. I go for my first doctors appointment Monday. I'm really nervous. It's the first time in years since I've been to a doctor, so Ima get a full physical done and find out where my chest pains are coming from. I'll probably get sent to a specialist so there's more copay for that.

Work sucks today it's slow and boring. People get on my nerves... Customers and coworkers... But what can you do. You address issues to your manager who then does absolutely nothing to better the branch. I'm over this place. I want to relocate... Now.... Trying to hang in here until something happens.

I'm going to Biloxi next month on the 19th. I got free airfare and two free nights at the IP casino, which is fricking awesome! I'm nervous though. I was gonna take Brian but we've spilt up, then I was going to take my cousin but she never responded. So I set it for Jess neugent and I to go. She's never been so it'll be nice for her. But I've only been on a plane once with my mom, Grma, and Jenn. Not going with my mom is kind of scary. I wish she could go with me. But we're going to Vegas for her 50th in June, I can't wait for that!! :)

Well I'm going to go think some more and hopefully help some customers ... Xoxo

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