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anotha day in life

my life is nothin.  i feel like i have fallin into a hole and i can't get out.  i don't know wat to do anymore.  its like i am lost or sumthing.  ya feel me?

skool was shitty today.  in first period, i got sent out of class!!!  GET THAT BULLSHIT!!  mrs. fischer is a bitch.  hurr, lemme lay it down fo ya.....   its juz bout 20 minutes into skool, and we were readin sum shit out of our financial plannin book.  we had to throw around a lil stress ball to sum one afta u read to let tha otha person read.  well sherman juz got done readin and he seats rite next to me, so he juz placed it on my desk and i said no and he was bout to throw it to sum one else, when the fish said no, i had to read.  i told he i was not goin to read.  and she said i had to, that i had to no choice and i told her i have a right whether i want to read or not and she got all pissed off.  went at it fo like 5 minutes and she's like well if your not goin to read, u can go sit in tha otha room...blah blah blah, i'm sorry amanda and i was like uh huh sure you are.  and then i also got her for 3rd period so i got bitched at again for 1st period, but wateva.  she's a bitch.  i know my rites!

anthony didn't go this mornin to his thang, he goes monday.  i'm scared for myself tomorro.  i wonder wats gonna happen....*dreams off*

i cleaned my car out today.  so happy, all i need to do is vaccum.  *smile*

well i don't know wat else to write, if i think of anything, i'll be back.  i'm out.  pCe

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