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A part of me may be taken away

april of 1996 was when God told her to save this child. not even a week old, she was left in a garbage can left for dead. her mother, a crack head alcoholic, who didn't care for the child. then she got the call and arrested her and took in the child. after caring for her for a couple years, she decided to adopt her into the family. in middle school, when little one would come with to pick me up for school, she always got compliments of how cute she is. people would ask if little one was my sister and i would say no you're crazy she's adopted. but little one did have the brown eyes and brown hair like us. i'm her buddy, her role model, her DeDe...that's my nickname from little one. when she was little, she only heard the "de" in mandie. years later, we found out that little one was actually blood. comes to find out her dad was 'the one who saved her's brother and he had a fling with the crack head that had ended quit after he learned about her. after finding out that little one was blood, it was fate. God made sure that she got the call to save little one because family needs to stay together.

over the years of counseling, medications, dealing with ADHD, dyslexia, and the list goes on....all because of the drugs and alcohol her mother did. little one has her episodes, but we get through it and go on. now little one is 14 years old and may be turned over to the state. over the passed few months, every weekend she's been acting up and we try to get her on the right path, but i don't understand why she does wrong and not right. running away, taking back, saying things a kid should say....what do you do? after the last episode, the woman who saved her had to call the cops because she ran away again. little one got taken to a shelter, and her contact list, she said no to my number. that broke my heart and put me in tears.

five days in a shelter and she says she's going to do right. if not she'll be turned over to the state. i highly oppose of that. blood is blood and no matter what we should stick together. i hope she has her head on right this last time. i can't even count on my fingers and toes how many times she's gotten chances and on top of that, everything she wants. but we shall see.

i pray to God that little one gets on the right path and things get better, because i will fight to keep my family together. all the tears, sweat and talks i've had for little one mean a lot. i hope she knows in her heart that her family loves her. i don't want to say good-bye...

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