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Hello 2010

Yeah I'm a little late to start off the new year with my blog haha but it's all good :) ... I finally took a stand for myself in January and moved up outta brian's and back home with moms! :) it was like a fresh breath of air again. Oh boy I thought it wasn't gonna go well because of all the other times I tried to move out. But hey i finally found the strength to do it. Packed up all my shit and got settled at moms in like an hour! Haha gotta make moves quick now lol.

Bella boo is thrilled to be back at moms! That dog is so damn spoiled. She kinda goes through depression though cause she doesn't have her buddy to play with, but she'll be aight.

So far this year has been great... I've been blessed with a few things from God and thank him everyday for all he has done. Moved back at home with moms, focusing as much as I can on school and buying a new car :) and after being back single, I got my friendships back, still trying to get a few more that I lost, but having fun and going back out is just me. Ima do me and live it to the fullest. I just couldn't put the front on anymore to him. Why live in misery to get by for a few when you're just ruining your chances in life? You live and you learn, and God has given me a lot of lessons in life.

I've been counting down the days til I get my BAS degree! Three more semesters and I'm done!! I'll have my paper and make some more money and start off a career! I'll have accomplished a goal in my life that I've established and maintained through the good n bad times. Ain't no one gonna stop me from achieving goals I have set.

So far this has been my year to shine, that's for sure! I can't wait for what's gonna happen over the months and years :)

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