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It's been a long while

Well it's been bout five years now since I've written in this thing. Kinda missed it lol. But I had a real bad relationship with David Wolfe for two and a half years and then got right back into another relationship with Brian brown. I've tried breaking up with brian many of times now but it's like this guy won't get the hint! He has a lot of great qualities but I'm just not ready to settle down and we've been together since 7-21-08. Well come end of march and the lease will be up and I'll move back to moms.

Let's see what else has happened... I worked at fifth third for a couple years and now I'm at regions bank. I like it there. But now they're starting to sound like fifth third with all of the referrals you need. But I'm trying to stick it out til spring of 2011, cause by then I should have my BA :) ... Thank goodness.

Also since then, my cousin Jessica has had a baby, JJ.... My best friend Jenn Handley has become bisexual, my friend Tammy has had a baby girl Larissa, and my friend Elliot Hartill passed away by getting hit by a drunk driver in July of 2008. That was the hardest thing to do was saying goodbye to him when he was brain dead in the hospital :(

But I'm happy that livejournal has this app for my iPhone, so I can update it on a daily basis, or at least try to lol. One day I want to look back on my life and what I was going through and my thoughts. So we'll see how this goes! :)

Nighty night

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