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ima sick babie

wow, a lot has been goin on lately.  parties, people, homecomin.  wow, where should i start?!

well, last week was homecomin week, first time i was actually at skool fo that shit.  lol.  i had a lot of fun on class color day.  ima see if i can get a picture on here to show ya'll that you cant get on my level.  lol.  of course we lost our homecomin by like 20 points to bogie.  afta tha game, i went to chad pedro's neighbor's party, which was tyte as hell.  i got fucked up.  i met so many people and i saw so many people i knew, it was great.  i stayed at chad's house and i didn't go to bed til like 4 in tha mornin and i had to get ready fo homecomin tha next day too.  and i had a bad ass hang ova too.  but homecomin was tyte, i took pictures and mo pictures.  then afta homecomin, i was meetin up sholeh and rob, but rob got into a car accident.  i'm sry you wreaked ur impala babie.  so sholeh and i drove by to see rob and it was baaaad.  i felt so bad.  we went to carlos's house that he was house sittin and people were ova there that i knew.  then like 3 or so rob called me and i went to go see him and make sure he was okay.  afta about 30 minutes, i went back where carlos was and everyone was gone and i spent tha nite ova there.  i was also suppose to see sean that nite too.  he's fone is turned off, but he still knows my number and he calls me from his house.  that boy is so gorgeous  :-D  yea, but like i counted...there's like 6 guys who wanna get wit me.  that's tyte!!!  lol. 

oh yea, my lil jenny has joined me.  she doesn't have her V no mo!  she's all grown

well, i'm out cuz carlos and rob are suppose to be callin.  whoeva calls first, i'ma chill wit.  hehe.  pCe

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