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uh oh

i mite have a crush on someone...but i'm not tellin... sholeh knows i think.  if u find out who i went out wit last nite and wat not, u mite have an idea...  :-D

yea i went to that basketball game friday nite, it was Maimi Heat and Orlando Magic.  my mama had two free tickets, and gave them to me, so i took tommy wit me, since he likes basketball too and we had a good time. 

i HATE anthony!  i'm tryin to get ova him...and i think i am wit my crush, but i don't wanna tell tha person that i like them, ya know?  hehe

Halloween is soon here..  homecomin is this saturday, and i don't know if ima go.  i went shoppin wit my cuz yesterday and she picked out this really pretty dress.  but i really wanna go wit someone ya know?

i dont kno wat else i wanna ima dip.  pCe

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