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can i be anymo depressed?!

i don't know anything anymo. its like i don't know my life anymo. my whole life is changin in a month! i can't do it. i don't want my life anymo! but i can't do anything. **think happy thoughts**

anthony...i'm not sayin nothing. thats juz for me and him ya know? but i know everyone knows that i love him.

today at skool, kevin and ryan and everybody were raisin money fo RJay's funeral. i guess his parents don't have enough money for it, so everyone decided to donate money. they had to raise $2500 for it. i donated my lunch money, which was $3 but hey, its better than nothing. at lunch, i went up to kevin and i was like can i give u a hug? and he said yea and while i was huggin him, i said i'm sorry bout ur boy. and i know how he's feelin. i also asked him if we could drop our beef and he said that he neva had any beef wit me, its heather. and i said all i want is fo us to be straight, iight? and he's like yea we straight. i hope me and heather can be straight. i'm workin on that part. but i mean, i seen people donate $20, $10 and $5. i feel really bad...

i guess afta skool tomorro, tha boys are suppose to be gettin into a fite wit sum pinellas park kids. so ima see if i can go into work late to go see this fite. hehe. i can neva miss one.

well i'm out. i don't know wat else to say. so pCe ~1~
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