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anotha fuckin hurricane

wow, wat do u know...anotha hurricane is headed to florida. 

this weekend isn't ova yet, but i do have a few things to say about wat has happened so far.  thursday and friday nite i have been hangin wit tha boys like i always do.  but like me and anthony were talkin.  i felt like i broke tha ice ya know?  i was drunk thursday nite and i started to fuck around wit him, like we use to do by wrestling or wateva.  and then ryan hinkley was sayin sumthing bout booty dancin and i told him u couldn't handle me and he's like oh yea, lets see.  so i told his brother to put on sum music and anthony was sayin sumthing to me and he told me that he'd rather have me dance on him than me dance on anyone else there.  so i danced on him instead.  then on friday nite, i spent tha nite at his house, when i didn't want to but i did.  and we stayed up til about 3 in tha mornin talkin.  he wanted to know everything that i was feeling and goin through my head and i straight up told him.  and he was huggin me and cuddlin wit me.  he also said sum things but thats juz fo me, sorry.  i truly do love him wit all i got and i can't have him becuz he can't handle a relationship rite now, but thats straight, i know wat he's goin through.  also last nite, we chilled at his house wit everybody.  don't know wat ima be doin tonite tho.  hopefully drinkin again.  hehe  wat can u do?  lol

lenny and chris got a job.  how funny is that.  chris...wit a job.  they got their jobs at Brown Dog Cafe wit darr and jason.  chris had to go to work at like 9 this mornin, poor baby.

oh yea...ned was at anthony's last nite.  we actually were talkin to each otha.  but not wit our own conversation ya know?  but wateva.

shannon told me sum news a lil bit ago about RJay, kevin winter's best friend.  i feel so bad.  my heart goes out to everybody.  R.I.P. RJay 

hmmm.  i don't know wat else to say really, i didn't plan on writin in this today.  but ima try to write in this every otha day.  i'm out pCe

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